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Environmental Pressures

that Abu Dhabi Emirate is facing, highlighted
within the Environment Report

Environmental Themes

Air Quality


76 %

Percentage of time within national air quality limits in 2015




Data on sustainability of land for their current land uses will be available in 2020

Marine Water Quality


94 %

Of monitored sites met good microbial water quality standard in 2015

Water Resources


2.013 Mm3

Groundwater abstracted in 2015 (projected value)



80 %

Of terrestrial and marine habitat baseline area retained in Abu Dhabi Emirate in 2015

Priority Issues

Climate Change



Tonnes/Capita CO2 (Based on mid-year revised 2012 population estimates provided by SCAD)



7.6 %

Of fish harvested sustainably in 2015



12.6 %

Reduction of all water use in Forestry in 2016



1.65kg Per Capita

per day of municipal solid waste generated in 2015

Abu Dhabi State of Environment Report

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